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Welcome to Toronto Travel Info Center

Our website is dedicated to those who are going to travel to Toronto. Are you looking for a place to stay in the city? Maybe, it is your first time in Toronto? Or are you a businessman about to go to Toronto for work? Perhaps, you are on a budget and looking to get the most out of your stay in Toronto? Toronto Travel Info Center can give you crucial information on how to commute and which places you can stay in.

We also promote off beaten attractions that Toronto offers. Written by locals, you can guarantee interesting unconventional spots that a lot of tourists miss out.

About Us

Toronto Travel Info Center is a website dedicated to anything and everything about Toronto’s tourism. We provide you with information on where to go, and how to use Toronto’s public transportation. We provide crucial tips on how you can maximize your stay and how you can get the best deals in the city.

Written by locals, expect the best content about everything and anything about Toronto. Regardless if you are a tourist or someone looking to spend the weekend in Toronto, we provide information that can come in handy for you. We also cater to different types of travelers whether you are a backpacker or a businessman traveling on a business trip.

We feature different spots that can give you a different perspective of what Toronto is. We give you spots and off beaten paths that are usually reserved for the locals of Toronto. We also give you information where you can stay in Toronto. We can give you a guide on how you can take your commute and which areas offer the best spots for things that you are looking for.

Are you a foodie? Or perhaps, you are the type who likes to experience the multicultural food experience Toronto offers at its finest? We can provide you with recommended restaurants and spots where to eat. We can also give you information to budget friendly options when dining out.

And lastly, we can make your stay in Toronto a bit more enjoyable. We will make sure that you don’t get lost too often, not to mention get the best deals from food to your stay.